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 Vision: To promote China's industrial automation process, to create the first brand of industrial technology.

Mission: To contribute to the modernization of Chinese enterprises force to achieve customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers-round win.

Spirit: Genesis Technology to serve the country to share

Core values: distractions, the better

Business philosophy: the customer is the value of employees is wealth, the responsibility to win the quality, innovation and win the future

Management philosophy: Military + School + Family

Well leadership philosophy: the heart of the person in charge has the responsibility to love our own loved one

Market philosophy: There is no off-season market, only the off-season thinking

Marketing idea: to sell credibility then sell the final selling security products

Service concept: moving customers won reputation

Quality: the quality of product is the dignity of professional achievement

Team Culture: Performance struggle upstream, quality first-class, quality service, casting brands

Team goals: to develop attractive to the cause of cohesion, innovation and drive people to performance incentives people

Communication principles: communication to achieve cooperation, promote understanding exchange

Commitment to employees: people-oriented, and create space for employees, creating opportunities to create interest

Compensation philosophy: Salary is the value of swap

Well working principle: either go all out, or you leave

Overtime culture: we are not respected overtime, overtime is not a symbol of efficiency and effectiveness

Charging principles: the knowledge to change the fate of the learning achievements of the future

Supplier cooperation concept: with the brothers businesses grow and create higher value space