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1, rich well injection manipulator structural design firm, the machine overall majestic atmosphere;

2, Rich injection wells used in all robotic precision, low resistance linear rail slider, fast and steady movement, shaking small and high precision;

3, high-speed movement of the mold, to shorten the consumption cycle, low-speed up and down outside the mold, reduce hand-arm vibration and progressive operator safe sex. (At present, China has a long rich manipulator well this function,

And technical patent)

4, all focused on the difference between the electricity box sealing valve to reduce dust on the valve corrosion, does not form a valve stuck;

5, rampant use motor drive, speed, speed average steady, no strike and less air consumption;

6, vacuum products using electronic detection switch monitoring, flexible and high stability;

7, cylinder used in Japan SMC brand, accessories, there is a clear designation, commonality of parts, ongoing maintenance costs low;

8, long enjoying, the whole 12-month warranty, computer protection 24 months;

9, rich well companies in Hong Kong in 1998 in Hong Kong, specializing in robot sales and maintenance service consumption, in 2002 to set up factories in Dongguan, the old brand has decades of technology is mature and has a number of technology patents;

10, quality and service in order to use as the center, the price to the customer.

11, independent research and manufacture of mechanical hand, arm, lifts, conveyor belts series, with its cost-effective and stable, safe and reliable features customers love and praise of experts, rich wells robot series has become China's aerospace, Foxconn, BYD, Formosa , Intel, tcl, Changhong, Konka, and other famous brands long-term cooperative partner, and its advanced design and powerful function of selling 15 provinces and cities in China, popular in the Southeast Asian market. Farewell appearance made by companies and the likes, and completed the R & D, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, maintenance, training and overall treatment plan, one-stop shop to meet customer demand for the industry initiative.