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Dongguan support "machine Substitution" Enterprise Automat[2016-01-21]
[Rich] Well robot news, Mayor Yuan Baocheng special investigations city machine Substitution situation, understand the business, machine Substitution implementation of the results, problems and difficulties faced by enterprises and heard m
Development of industrial robot[2016-01-21]
The robot is able to mimic the function of hand and arm, according to a fixed program capture, automatic device handling objects or operating tool. It may be partially or completely replace human, engage in monotonous, repetitive heavy lab
Robots are widely used in manufacturing various fields[2016-01-20]
In early 2014, located in Chengdu, Volvo automobile production base, orange fine-arm robot is to a car gluing station. Since the water-based adhesive has a high resistance, but also more sensitive to temperature and pressure, this work is
Plastics industry gradually toward green technology[2016-01-20]
[News] Rich Wells robot recycled plastics industry is still developing industries, waste plastics manufacturers to be spotted direction, grasping time machine, decisive grow. The continuous development of the plastics industry, but also by
PLC injection molding machine dedicated manipulator Based[2016-01-20]
[Rich Wells robot Reuters Currently, the popular injection molding machine dedicated manipulator on the market we are all using the minimum control systems plus the interface consisting of a dedicated microprocessor control in terms of sys
Pneumatic injection molding machine manipulator system maint[2016-01-20]
Pneumatic servo drive system includes a plurality of axially into account, as long as the wrist and turn vacuum crawling action, almost all robots will have a pneumatic function. Pneumatic system has a simple structure, light weight, fast,
Analysis of industrial robots getting better household appli[2016-01-20]
In recent years, with the appliance manufacturing industry to upgrade faster, to improve product quality demands, the application of industrial robots is referred to the very important position. However, compared with the automotive indust
Stamping robot composed of what?[2016-01-20]
The robot can automatically complete the pre-selection proceedings in accordance with the provisions of several actions to achieve the object of the automatic gripping and transport. Stamping production, it is not only used to complete the
Robot made out of quality how?[2016-01-20]
1, such as machine to automatically release when the product will fall scratches, stains of oil and production of defective products. 2, such as people remove the product there are four problems: First, it is possible to hand will scratch
Robots can lead the industry out of the traditional hardware[2016-01-20]
With the rapid development of Chinas economy, the hardware industry mushroomed rapid development, not only penetrated into all walks of life, but also a strong impetus to the development of other related industries, thus showing a good dev
Rich well - excellent quality of the robot manufacturer[2016-01-20]
Industrial robots critical applications that motion control, motion control and machine precision is guaranteed an important factor. From this perspective, machine manufacturing and robotics manufacturing technology related degree is very
Xi Jinping mention of the "robot revolution" fund reassort[2016-01-20]
This week, in the case of weaker macroeconomic data, it has been rising for several days in Shanghai and Shenzhen began to enter the shock consolidation phase. However, the market focus is still flooded. Among them, the intelligent machine
Robots are not real estate concept of equity markets difficu[2016-01-20]
Remember the movie Modern Times who will remember Chaplin modern times, the assembly line worker last insanity. Modern manufacturing is not synonymous with the pipeline, the worlds largest foundry company Foxconn has begun a large-scale re
Local governments introduced policies to promote the develop[2016-01-20]
With the transformation and upgrading of Chinas manufacturing industry, rising labor costs force companies to reform, the robot market broke out of the huge demand, local governments have introduced policies to guide the development of the
Workers how to properly operate a robot?[2016-01-20]
In using the robot, be sure to follow the operating guidelines and operational requirements to operate the robot. 1, before loading and unloading operations must pay attention to check whether there is water, electrical control box, oil en