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Rich Well leveraging Industry 4.0 build Dongguan Chi-made en

Author:admin Browse:Date:2016-01-20

Gold mold Reuters "Industry 4.0" It is in this background proposes, Industry 4.0 concept originated in 2011 Hannover Fair in Germany, it is divided into four stages of industrial development. 1.0 including industrial steam engine era, the power industry 2.0 times, the era of industrial automation 3.0. Industry 4.0 refers to the integration of real physical world and the virtual online world, build resources, information, goods and people interrelated "real physical systems (CPS)", the closure of production plants into an open, intelligent production space.

4.0 Industrial curtain slowly opened, global industrial manufacturing are positive intelligent manufacturing transformation, how still hovering at the bottom of the value chain, the rapid transformation of Chinese enterprises, the industry chain grasp new opportunities fleeting, how to avoid out? Chinese companies both not because of capacity gaps and this discouraged, nor should it come to a standstill due to non-technical factors.

Manufacturing and industry are strong, "the founding of the" For any one country. With the commencement of a new round of global industrial reconstruction and the industrial revolution of the international financial crisis, China's manufacturing industry is facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities, and how to promote the "big but not strong," the Chinese industry and manufacturing as a whole has become a stake next upgrade the top priority of the nation's destiny.

"More and more facts have proven, who occupied the central part of the value chain, who control the flow of value and wealth of global value chains." Gold mold, CEO Luo Baihui that, after a new round of international financial crisis, the rise of the industrial revolution , is a digital revolution, it is the value chain revolution. Internet, networking, robotics, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, multi-point breakthrough and integration of new materials, such as interactive will promote new industries, new formats, the rise of a new model, a rear mass (post-mass) production in the world is coming, This revolution will affect not only how to manufacture products, will affect where the manufactured products.

At present, it has become the basis for intelligent industrial equipment upgrading and transformation of global manufacturing, the manufacturing industry in developed countries invariably upgraded as the primary task of the new round of industrial revolution. America's "re-industrialization" trend, Germany's "Industry 4.0" and "Internet factory" manufacturing strategies and South Korea and other countries in transition is not a simple return to the traditional manufacturing industries, but accompanied by productivity improvement, innovation and production patterns development of new industries. In recent years, as China's demographic dividend gradually disappear, Chinese traditional manufacturing advantage has become increasingly attenuated from labor-intensive industries to technology-intensive, capital-intensive industrial restructuring will be the trend. Guangdong Yu made the first breakthrough in intelligent equipment Roboter traditional ways of operating and business model, a professional, efficient and intelligent automated manufacturing, where robots and industrial robots is growing at 80 percent per year growth rate, assisted numerous manufacturing enterprises to automate the production, realization no chemical plants, improve production efficiency and competitiveness.

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