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Robot FAQ Troubleshooting Tips method

Author:admin Browse:Date:2016-01-20

When using the robot injection molding machine without clamping.


Check doubt:


1: injection molding machine motor did not open.


2: injection molding machine did not respond when you press the clamping pressure gauge, not output.


3: The robot signal did not give in place.




1: open motor, also can not lock mode processing in the following manner.


2: no pressure gauge injection molding machine, injection molding machine plate clamping signal is not output. When there is pressure, and then determine the normal injection molding machine alone when dealing in the following manner when using clamping.


3: Open the injection molding machine inside the robot function, determine the robot to return home standby, robot signal cable into the use of the interface, and then confirm to clamping signal robot hand control on the security gate signal, complete mold signal, whether or not there is output, safety door switch, press mold to mold opening and in the end, and then switch safety door can be confirmed, after the above are not enough to fix is the injection molding machine is connected to the robot system clamping signal line out of the question.

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