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Development of industrial robot

Author:admin Browse:Date:2016-01-21

The robot is able to mimic the function of hand and arm, according to a fixed program capture, automatic device handling objects or operating tool. It may be partially or completely replace human, engage in monotonous, repetitive heavy labor, production mechanization and automation, can operate to protect the personal safety in hazardous environments, it is currently widely used in machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, electronics, light industry and atomic energy sectors.

    Industrial robot is a new field of automatic control technology among modern times arise. And become a modern machinery manufacturing system is an important component part. The rapid development of the robot is due to its positive role is increasingly being recognized: First, it can partially replace the manual operation; secondly, it can in accordance with the requirements of the production process, to follow certain procedures, time and location to complete the work transfer and handling; Third, it can operate the necessary equipment for welding and assembly. Thus greatly change the working conditions of workers A significant increase in labor productivity, accelerate the pace of industrial production mechanization and automation. Thus, the attention in the advanced industrial countries, invest a lot of manpower and resources to the research and application. Especially in high temperature, high pressure, dust, noise and radioactive pollution of the occasion, more widely used. In China, there is rapid development in recent years, and achieved certain results, subject to mechanical industry attention.

    Manipulator is generally divided into three categories. The first category is no manual operation of common robot. It is an independent not affiliated with a host of devices. It can be programmed tasks needed to complete the provisions of the operation. It is characterized with the physical properties of machinery, but also includes general machinery, ternary intelligent memory machinery. The second category is the need for manual operation, called Operation machine. It originated in the atom, military industry, first by operating the machine to complete a particular job, it was developed to use radio signals to operate the robot to explore the moon and so on. Industry employed forging operation also fall into this category. The third category is dedicated manipulator, the main subsidiary in automatic machines or automatic lines for solving machine loading and unloading and workpiece transfer. This robot in a foreign country called "Mechanical Hand" it is for the host service by the host driver.

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