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Xi Jinping mention of the "robot revolution" fund reassort

Author:admin Browse:Date:2016-01-20

This week, in the case of weaker macroeconomic data, it has been rising for several days in Shanghai and Shenzhen began to enter the shock consolidation phase. However, the market focus is still flooded. Among them, the intelligent machine concept posting gains, attracted widespread attention. Message level, the general secretary Xi Jinping academicians address the General Assembly this year is mentioned, "robot revolution" is expected to become a "third industrial revolution" an entry point and an important growth point, will affect the pattern of global manufacturing, and China will the world's largest robot market. Currently, sales in China ranks first in the world. As a measure of a country's scientific and technological innovation and an important indicator of the level of high-end manufacturing, robotics industry is expected to rise as a national strategic industry and usher in long-term opportunities.

    A-share listed companies, the intelligent machine concept stocks have at least 37, mainly from the special equipment manufacturing, general machinery, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, computer, communications, electronics industry, there are a few companies related to this concept.

    According Taurus Financial Network incomplete statistics, in 2014 the second quarter to get active shares mixed fund allocation of intelligent machines total 32 stocks, almost all covered. However, obtaining only 13 funds are heavy stocks configuration. Among them, the electrical equipment sector Kymmene technology, NARI and machinery manufacturing robots get funds hold together hold shares. 37 funds are heavily loaded in the second quarter of the Kymmene technology, NARI and robots each won 23 fund re-allocation.

   Specifically, Xingquan green investment stock (LOF), Fidelity new opportunities stock (LOF), China Merchants core values ​​[0.32%] mixed holding Kymmene technology accounted for the top ranks of their own net worth ratio, respectively, 8.19%, 7.65% 6.04%. Invesco Great Wall Selected Blue Chip [1.14%] stocks, China Prosperous shareholders NARI higher proportion were 5.72% and 5.08%. East selection [1.27%] mixed, flat Dahua industry pioneer stock [1.46%], mixing oriental small-cap growth [0.74%] held by the robot high degree of concentration, accounting for the net proportion reached 8.8% sequentially, 7.12%, 6.93% .

   Shanghai Mechanical and Electrical, soft control shares, Yawei shares, Evergreen shares each won three funds are heavy configurations. New and up, Boshi shares, Chee Sing shares of each fund to attract two key layout. Rui Qi shares, Pennefather technology, Rifa Seiki only one each is included in the top ten Awkwardness fund ranks.

   Newspaper holdings published details from the fund, the total of 294 active shares mixed funds hold stocks intelligent machines, with a total market capitalization of 16.753 billion yuan. China Bonus [0.52%] holds 10 stocks, the widest range; Xingquan green, Morgan Stanley quantization configuration, Everbright dividend each holding seven shares of listed companies; Great Wall Jiufu hold six companies; China returns [0.22%] II, Morgan Stanley strategy, rich days of benefits and other 10 fund companies are in possession of five shares.

   In terms of total number of shares held, the Post is preferred, ICBC value, Invesco Blue Chip top three, respectively, 4065 shares, 3706 shares, 3479 shares. In terms of total market value of stocks held, the Post preferred value and ICBC is also among the top, respectively, 757 million yuan and 577 million yuan. Holding stocks in terms of concentration, Nordisk in the small cap, Xingquan green, East selection the top three, accounting for the net proportion reached 17.6%, 13.74%, 13.54%. As of Thursday, the East selection week net up 2.12%, ranking the same period 724 actively deflected 10th stock funds.

   From the active shares mixed fund positions situation, the intelligent machine concept has become many fund managers can not be ignored Nuggets land. Recently, the robot industry technology innovation strategic alliance officially inaugurated in Shenyang, the alliance will be industrial robots, service robots as a breakthrough, developed robot products, so as to continuously enhance the level of Chinese robotics, domestic listed companies are expected to benefit from the long-term. Investors are advised to take an active interest configure intelligent machine concept stock fund.

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