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Rich well - excellent quality of the robot manufacturer

Author:admin Browse:Date:2016-01-20

Industrial robots critical applications that motion control, motion control and machine precision is guaranteed an important factor. From this perspective, machine manufacturing and robotics manufacturing technology related degree is very large. Thus, enthusiasm in recent years, machine tool companies involved in manufacturing of industrial robots increasingly high stamping.


Most of the domestic machine tool companies mostly concerned with how enterprises will be bigger. Hundreds of thousands of people are on the scale of people. And foreign companies are more pursuit of technology leadership, that is to make their products indispensable in the manufacture of other products. Competition Mechanism Chinese machine tool enterprises rely mainly on price and quantity to win, lack of core technology. With the improvement of labor, raw materials and other costs, corporate profits will become increasingly thin. Industrial robots can be converted into this situation.


Well robot under the Hong Kong Fu Fu wells Group, good speed main CNC machine tools, machining centers, turret and other mechanical equipment, with a strong R & D and production capacity thick, and its easy-speed robot is a professional production of industrial robots high-tech enterprises "Independent research and development, technological innovation", its products are widely used in various industries, products throughout the country. A long time, easy-speed robot to quality products, perfect service, excellent technology occupied the domestic market for industrial robots, robot research and development of stamping products and technologies play a leading edge in the industry.

Six joint robot rich wells robot for intelligent machine tools, material processing and down for gears, bearing rings, motor parts, automobile wheels and other disk parts and shaft, pin, such as a spool shaft, six joint Robot standard six-station rotary hopper, when the optional flip desk, you can complete the process both positive and negative parts; it also enables the use of one for two modes (a robot with two machines), allocated to a single low-cost machine, there are two processes for most parts processing;


But also because the standard modular design, the equipment being used can be transformed, and the transformation of a small amount of machine tool equipment, after the transformation can always produce between automatic mode and manual loading and unloading loading and unloading production mode conversion, thus It will not affect equipment downtime, especially for machine tools transform user site.


Now the robot introduced the machine, has become a trend, manufacturing in the transition to digital and intelligent process, the performance of the equipment components have higher requirements, including precision, surface quality. Especially in some high-tech industries, such as aerospace, communications and so on.


Rich well as professional development and manufacture of high-tech robot business, the main products include:.... Punch manipulator injection manipulator industrial assembly robot welding robot handling robots and other industrial automation robots. The future will continue to technological innovation as the principle for the majority of SMEs to provide more superior robotic automation equipment solutions.

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